Marie graduated from Swansea University. During her degree she took care of patients in their acute and chronic stages of pain. She has treated patients in four different clinics, in both private and NHS integrated settings.

Marie is attentive to her patients, listening and discussing the presentation of their complaint in a comprehensive case history taking process. She uses a variety of osteopathic techniques and management options to best suit patient’s unique and individual needs. She also integrates knowledge from her interests in sailing, windsurfing, rugby and horse riding.

Marie is also following a rigorous pathway of postgraduate study with The Tilsworth Clinic education team and Animal Osteopathy International, to offer our patients the very best osteopathic experience.

Qualifications & Further education

  • Masters in Osteopathy (M.Ost) from Swansea University
  • Animal Osteopathy International – Postgraduate study in Animal Osteopathy – starting June 2019
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Animal Osteopathy (PGCert.AO) from the University College of Osteopathy (UCO) – studying part-time from September 2019.
  • Functional movement taping Rock-tape: RocDoc level 1&2 Certified (2017)
  • Pitch-side first Aid (2018)
  • Red Cross European First Aid Certificate (2016)