Update: June 2019

The Team is about to welcome a brand new member, Marie Caublot. She will start in Chalfont in late July 2019.

Marie is joining us from Swansea University. She has a sporty background and an interest in holistic osteopathy and the treatment of animals as well as humans. This makes Marie the perfect fit for our team.

Update: June 7th 2018 

Our latest team member, Eleanor Andrews, is now in the second half of her first year with The Tilsworth Clinic and she is incredibly popular with all our patients. Her interest in equine osteopathy is also proving a real bonus to patients with horses, who are now asking her to undertake horse & rider assessments. Eleanor teaches internationally in both osteopathy and animal osteopathy so her wealth of knowledge is a real bonus to the practice.

We also welcome back Rebecca, following the birth of her new baby girl last September. She will be in clinic on Thursdays and some weekends, so if you loved her treatment, it’s time to get booked back in! Rebecca’s extensive knowledge of women’s health is super addition to the team, as we see many new mums at our practice, who benefit from the holistic approach she uses.

Finally, Dustie recently moved back to Bucks, following a 3 year management project at the European School of Osteopathy in Kent. She is back seeing patients on a weekly basis now, but will continue her role as an international lecturer of osteopathy and animal osteopathy and working to improve educational models of teaching in osteopathy.


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