Osteopaths are regulated by law, and osteopathy is recognised as an allied health profession by NHS England.

The Tilsworth Clinic is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). Our registration with GOsC is renewed annually. In order to maintain it, we must meet mandatory continuous professional development (CPD). This entails keeping skills and knowledge up-to-date and maintaining high standards of professional development.

Additionally, osteopaths at the Tilsworth Clinic are members of the Institute of Osteopathy.

You can find out more about our Tilsworth Clinic osteopaths below.

Marie Caublot – Osteopath

Osteopaths - Marie Caublot
Marie Caublot
(Osteopath and Practice Principal)

Marie takes care of patients in their acute and chronic stages of pain. Over her osteopathic career, she has worked with patients in four different clinics, in both private and NHS-integrated settings.

Marie is attentive to her patients; she listens and discusses the presentation of their complaint through a comprehensive case history-taking process. Marie uses a variety of osteopathic techniques and management options to best suit patients’ unique and individual needs. Furthermore, Marie also provides advice and exercises to suit each patient’s specific circumstances. She is particularly fond of helping senior members of the community with conditions associated with ageing (Healthy Ageing).

Additionally, Marie integrates knowledge from her interests in sailing, windsurfing, rugby and horse riding into her assessment and treatment as an osteopath. Aside from her work as an osteopath, she is a Windsurfing instructor certified from the Glénans Sailing School. Marie also plays for Marlow Ladies Rugby and is Pitch-Side First Aid and Taping certified.

Furthermore, Marie is following a rigorous pathway of continuous professional development in order to offer our patients the very best osteopathic experience.

Qualifications & further education 

  • Masters in Osteopathy (M.Ost) from Swansea University
  • Headache course- University College of Osteopathy (2022)
  • Institute of Classical Osteopathy Workshops (2020)
  • Functional movement taping Rock-tape: RocDoc level 1&2 Certified (2017)
  • Birth Healing Summit (2020)
  • Prof Renzo Molinari- “Pelvic brain and Osteopathy” (2020)
  • Pitch-side first Aid (2018)
  • Red Cross European First Aid Certificate (2016)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Animal Osteopathy (PGCert.AO) from the University College of Osteopathy (UCO) – (2020)
  • Animal Osteopathy International – Postgraduate study in Animal Osteopathy (2019-ongoing)

Marie Caublot (osteopath and Practice Principal) is registered with and recognised by the medical insurance providers listed below.

If your health insurance is covered by one of these companies, please get in touch with them in advance of your appointment with Marie to find out how you can claim insurance on your osteopathic care. You will usually have to submit a full appointment receipt to your insurance provider alongside your claim.

Rebecca Bradley – Osteopath (Special interest in women’s health)

Osteopaths - Rebecca Bradley
Rebecca Bradley (Osteopath)

Rebecca graduated from the European School of Osteopathy with an Integrated Masters. She considers each patient to be an individual and enjoys using a holistic approach in her work as an Osteopath. This means she not only considers her patient’s particular injuries or ailments, but also their past history and lifestyle.

Rebecca also has a particular interest the care of pregnant women and new mothers. She offers osteopathic treatment to help alleviate any aches and pains caused by the physical demands placed on the body by motherhood. Furthermore, Rebecca has attended many additional lectures from specialist in the field of women’s health. Additionally, she is currently doing a two-year postgraduate diploma in women’s health in osteopathy with the Molinari Institute in London.

Qualifications & further education 

  • Integrated Masters in Osteopathy, European School of Osteopathy (2013)
  • Certification in Pregnancy Massage from the Jing Institute (2013)
  • Miranda Clayton’s ‘Postpartum Mum’ course (2013)
  • Renzo Molinari’s ‘Importance of Osteopathy During Pregnancy’ (2014)
  • Miranda Clayton’s ‘Bump to Baby’ course – part 1 & 2 (2014/2015)
  • Renzo Molinari and Frank Willard’s ‘Lumbo-pelvic anatomy, pelvic pain and pelvic congestion’(2014)
  • Michael Pye’s ‘MET Approach to Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar Spine & Pelvis’ (2014)
  • Miranda Clayton’s ‘Miserable baby part one & two’ courses (2014)
  • Renzo Molinari’s Mini Conferences on Osteopathy and Women’s Health (2014 – 2015)
  • Renzo Molinari and Teresa Coughlan’s ‘Peripartum and post-partum care of women’ (2015)
  • Ongoing: Postgraduate Diploma, Women’s Health within Osteopathy (2015-2017)

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