Telephone and Video Consultation

  • You will receive an online link to join for your online consultation.
  • We will discuss your symptoms and problems, assess you by asking you to perform specific movements and explain your working diagnosis.
  • You will receive a detailed exercise programme and manual therapy techniques tailored to your needs via email undefined
  • The time spent on the call will be between 15-30min as judged appropriate.

As highly trained healthcare professional we will apply our professional clinical judgement on how and when telephone and video consultation should be used to best support our patient’s care.
These types of consultations will be considered and conducted in the same manner as we would conduct our in-clinic consultations.

If we cannot make relevant clinical observations/examinations to provide clinically based advice then we will refer patients as required for a face to face consultation (unless they are required to self-isolate).

While this will be different to an in-clinic consultation, it is hoped the session will be a valuable opportunity for the patient to ask questions and for us to check on your progress.

Technology and Details

We will use encrypted services such as Skype, Whatsapp, zoom.

  • The consultation will be conducted in a well-lit private room. We recommend that you do the same.
  • Patients must have a good mobile/broadband service to ensure the best connection.
  • Take the call in a quite place where you won’t be disturbed
  • We will not record our sessions.
  • You may find that using headphones can reduce the risk of sound feedback
  • If you experience technical difficulties, particularly if you cannot hear us then we will suggest that the consultation is re-started or closed and re-scheduled.

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