Dustie & Eleanor start a new adventure in the South.

In December 2019, Eleanor and Dustie saw their last patients in The Tilsworth Clinic to start a new osteopathic adventure in the South of England. They have plans to start two new clinics. One in Sandbanks (see below), which recently opened and will focus on wellness and sports related functional osteopathy and one in the New Forest (at The Retreat in Hinton, Christchurch), which will offer a full range of holistic functional osteopathic treatments and courses (for laypeople and professionals).

Eleanor will also continue running the company’s animal osteopathic branch – Animal Osteopathy International and seeing patients, under the new brand “New Forest Animal Osteopathy”. For more information, go to her new site: https://newforestanimalosteopathy.com which will soon be live.

All patients are welcome to stay in touch and visit for treatment if they wish. The first location can be found in Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset. For more information email: contact@sandbanksosteopathy.com